Umberly is a real estate investment platform for investors seeking to make secure real estate investments that not only benefit themselves but positively impact communities and the environment.

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We know the power of real estate. Real estate has enabled us to overcome our humble beginnings and change our lives and our families lives. We grow our portfolios to increase wealth which provides opportunity for our families and community. We use our influence to protect, inject and create equity in the world.

Why Is Umberly Different?

We don’t have unlimited budgets, so we have to do things differently. We use systems that allow us to move faster and more efficiently than institutional investors. We share ideas and opportunities for the betterment of the group. We have to have a strong and connected team behind us.

Who Are We Fighting Against?

We recognize Wall Street investors with unlimited budgets and resources are buying properties we once purchased. This concerns us, the more assets they own the more influence they have over policies that effect our communities and the environment. This prevents society from moving forward. We make sure to protect this financial vehicle for people that come behind us. If we don’t, Wall Street will have greater influence that knows no limits.

Who Are We Fighting For?

We are fighting for people who want to make an impact on people and the world, we are fighting for the people who think investing in real estate is ONLY for the wealthy, we fight for communities the environment and for YOU!

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